If your download came with a backside, you will need to decide on if you plan to print it or not before choosing a template. Listings that come with a backside come with two templates-- a 1-page template and a 2-page template. If you do not plan to print the backside, proceed with editing the 1-page template. If you plan to print the backside, proceed with editing the 2-page template. Page 2 of the 2-page template is the backside.
If you're editing a tag, menu, sign, or other template that is not an invitation template, please proceed to step 2.
Open the file in Adobe Reader DC. This is the most important step. The following steps will not work properly in any other program. You can download Adobe Reader DC here for free. The pro version of Acrobat DC is not needed and will not work properly for editing and saving.
Please note, after downloading, many web browsers automatically open PDFs in preview mode inside a browser tab and Macs typically open them in Preview. Do not edit or save at all while inside a web browser or in Mac Preview. This will delete all of the specialty formatting. You will need to close the template in the browser or Preview and go to your computer's downloads folder to open the file in the Adobe Reader DC program. Open the file by right-clicking on the file, then select "Open with," and then choose "Adobe Acrobat Reader DC" from your program options. Although web browsers and Mac Preview appear to allowing editing, the template cannot be properly edited and saved using them. See an example of how templates look in Reader versus a typical web browser below:
Edit your text by simply clicking into the blue highlighted text fields and re-typing. If you prefer a different font, text color, or if you need to increase/decrease the text size, highlight the text you wish to change and select CTRL+E (PC) or Command+E (Mac). Do not click the Edit button. This will prompt you to purchase an extended version of Adobe Acrobat, which is not needed to edit and save the template.
After editing with your details in place, go to File>Save As and save the file in a location on your computer or on a flash drive where you can easily locate it. Close the template and then re-open it in Adobe Reader DC to make sure that your details have been saved.
There are many options for printing. To print from home, print from Adobe Reader DC and follow our at-home printing tips. If you plan to print from a print shop, please see our list of place in our printing tips that can and cannot accept the files. Many shops require the files to be set up in a specific way so it is very important to know these requirements before attempting to print our templates at your shop of choice.
After editing and saving your file as a new PDF, email it to
Please provide your edited PDF file along with your order number or the username used to purchase the item and let us know if the JPG file is being used as an evite or for printing or both. If it's being used for printing, please let us know where you plan to print so we can format the file correctly. Some places require a bleed area so that the important parts of the design will not be cut off.
Once we receive the edited PDF file and the above details, we will email you back a single high-resolution JPG file. We must receive the edited PDF within a reasonable date of purchasing the template from our Etsy shop. We typically email the file back the same day. If we don't respond within 48 hours, please contact us via Etsy conversation as our email provider places emails from new contacts into our spam folder occasionally. This file can be used as an evite and to print at a photo lab or other 5x7 invitation template system.
Although we can typically email the evite file back the same day we receive the edited PDF, please note that we are open 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, varied hours on Saturdays, and we are closed on Sundays and major US holidays. If we receive the file during our off time, we will email it to you during our working hours.
See our Frequently Asked Questions page if you run into any issues or contact us via Etsy conversation or at
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